Civil litigation

Civil litigation

Having litigated thousands of legal disputes and objections, we have developed a unique insight and knowledge on civil litigation. We believe settling of disputes in a timely, quick and hassle free manner. We also master in pre trial and trial depositions and hearings, along with mediation in the presence of a court.

We have a separate department of expert lawyers devoted to cases pertaining to civil litigation. Having vast experience gained from successfully settling literally hundreds of litigation cases we provide our clients with expert strategic legal counsel and advocacy to guide them to the paths of victory with a winning strategy that will help them emerge victorious from the courtroom.

Our area of civil litigation cover:

  • Class action suits.
  • Contempt of court.
  • Defamation (slander and libel)
  • Freezing orders and injunctions’.
  • Disputes involving intellectual property.
  • Commercial litigation and corporate compliance.

Tax laws

Tax laws, they change and evolve with the ever changing economic conditions and scenarios. To successfully tackle and handle legal issues and disputes one needs to evolve and upgrade themselves with the changing tax laws. Our team of adept and prolific tax lawyers does just that. We are constantly on the lookout for improvement of already existing brilliance of dispute resolution of disputes arising from taxation and tax planning of small businesses and corporate giants alike.

Whether the tax issues are of national or international scope, we are well versed with both national tax laws and cross-border or international taxation laws, with all their intricacies and complexities, thus arming us with deep insight and brilliant tact to solve the most convoluted of taxation legal issues.

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